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…I had a meeting at CBS Studio Center (AKA Radford Lot) in Studio City.

To be clear, I only know the exact date because it’s saved in my calendar.

Anyway, though I had been on many lots before, I had never been on that one. Radford is a small but cool lot with a ton of film and television history.

Case in point: the parking lot was full, and so they had me park on “New York Street” which basically served as every neighborhood exterior shot on Seinfeld.

After my meeting, I was walking down the middle of the “street” when a car turned a corner ahead and started slowly driving toward me. I stepped to the side and, as the car approached, smiled and nodded at the two people inside.

The person behind the wheel was, I assume, a driver for the person sitting in the passenger’s seat: Betty White.

She smiled back and raised her hand to me as the car passed.

And that was a pretty cool moment.

RIP, Betty.

And then there were no Golden Girls,



Don’t get the reference? Click here!

‘Cause your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear,



…for this amazing Pee-wee ornament!

Hoping Amazing Larry doesn’t eat this one,



First we got this acrylic ornament from GroovyGalaxy

Mothman from GroovyGalaxy!

…and we also got this felt piece from FetrucioArtDecor.

And another Mothman from FetrucioArtDecor!

Last year’s monster was an obvious one,


Our 2021 Krampus ornament from FeltMagick!

…handmade by FeltMagick!

Last year’s Krampus,


Old Poop!