…one and the same. Two names, one writer, all ridiculous.

Justin Shady/Wayne Chinsang is a writer/editor hybrid. He has written for The Onion’s A.V. Club, Variety, The Hollywood ReporterCracked, OC Weekly, Draft Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and a whole slew of others.

He also created, ran and edited the humor/entertainment publication Tastes Like Chicken for nearly a decade. He is also the author of numerous graphic novels including Heaven, LLC, Bad Ideas and The Roberts, as well as several children’s books including Missing the BoatThe Lava is a Floor! and I Beg Your Pardon: The Tale of a Jerky Turkey.

Justin and Wayne like drinking the same beer, sleeping with the same woman, and taking the same vacations. They’re also co-owners of a female dog named Mr. Fabulous, a mentally-disturbed cat named Meatshake, and a brand-new pain in the ass named Heisenberg.