…old friends who first met at a Chi-Chi’s in Ohio back in 1998.

Shady wrote the action movie Vendetta (2015) for WWE Studios. He’s also developed animated projects for Disney. Yes, he’s aware those are two completely different ends of the spectrum. He’s also done work for The Weinstein Company, Lionsgate Entertainment, Disney Junior, Rooster Teeth, Image Comics, and a whole slew of other companies.

Shady’s writing has also appeared in numerous print and online publications including The Onion’s A.V. Club, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, MySpaceCracked, OC Weekly, Draft Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and a ton of others that are far less impressive.

In 2010, Shady cowrote the children’s book I Beg Your Pardon: The Tale of a Jerky Turkey with his sister Bethany.

From 1998 to 2007, Shady created the humor/entertainment publication Tastes Like Chicken, which he then hired Insane Wayne Chinsang to run and edit.

During this time, Chinsang authored numerous graphic novels including Heaven, LLC, Bad Ideas, and The Roberts (which he cowrote with Shady), as well as several children’s books including Missing the Boat and The Lava is a Floor! (both of which he cowrote with Shady).

Shady is the father of a brilliant daughter named Grey Danger, and a smiling son named West Rebel. They exhaust him.

And Chinsang is, you know… Chinsang.