Oh, come on, man! I'm smelling here!

Figures it would be old P. Delany, D.D.,


Always reminds me of that scene in "Caddyshack."

…but there’s something wrong with your cars.

I clipped a sideview mirror,


…but we were fortunate enough to see an old airplane friend, Vanessa, and finally meet her husband Dom and daughter Olivia, during our very short visit.

Vanessa, Dom, and Olivia! In London!

They’re all amazing people. Vanessa is a talented photographer and makeup artist, Olivia is an aspiring talent agent, and Dom is a film and television composer who gifted us a copy of Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Remixes, an EP that collects remixes of his famous Doctor Who theme from 1986.

Dominic Glynn's "Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Remixes."

Thank you all so much for the wonderful dinner, spectacular conversation, and thoughtful gifts for Grey. And once again, she apologizes to all of you, and the Soho House, for her behavior!

Check out Vanessa’s stunning photography here, and then hop on over and give Dom’s music a listen here.

KB and I also had a chance to grab a few quick drinks with our friend Stewart, who we hadn’t seen in years. Great seeing you, Stew, and thanks for the booze!

Stewart! In London!

And sorry again to our friend Zitron, who we were unable to meet up with. We promise to come back to London soon… and spend more than two full days there.

Friendship is global,


A damn talented homeless man...

…drawing these messages on the ground on Valentine’s Day.

...on the streets of Dublin.

Well worth a few euro,


Long live Queen! And this lady!

…but I ran into the Queen outside of Buckingham Palace while we were in London!

She looks much younger in person,


…to get back to L.A. a few weeks ago, where I ran into Kelsey at LAX (on her way to Dublin, via Berlin, where we would meet up again later)…

Kelsey at LAX!

…and then hung out with friends for a Super Bowl Food Night at Suephus’ place.

Suephus' Super Bowl Food Night!

Miss all you guys,


Still more qualified than Donald Trump.

Happy to know that other countries also suffer from stupid fucking politics,


The plot thickens!

The world may never know,


I did it, Mom! I did it!

…which means I don’t tackle crossword puzzles very often.

So believe me when I say this: I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever fully completed a crossword puzzle.

Pretty sure that makes me sad,


Fifth month!

…that, seriously, are all already gone.

Think I’ve got one month left,