Six out of seven shown.

…on their way to Michigan!

Breakfast and beers were had,


But why?

Rules were made to be broken,


Justin Shady, I'd like you to meet... Justin Shady.

I’m actually friends with two of me now,


Here comes the HMMR!



What's going on? Wrasslin'!

…forĀ this MySpace article! Dig it!

Linda can’t escape me,


KB's first "Chicago" cover!

She's the new hire!

Or at least it’s officially in print.

Congrats, KB!

Now we just need a house,


Who be jammin'? WE be jammin'!

We be jammin’.

The last in a series,


Not yet it's not.

Forty happens.

Their cabinets are a blog post goldmine,



It’s party time.

Doesn’t feel like a party,


Oh no! A dentist!

No shit.

I preferĀ Peter Gabriel DDS,



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