…this is what the front of it looked like:

The 2016 Shady holiday card! Front-style!
And this is what the back of it looked like:

The 2016 Shady holiday card! Back-style!

Grey was rocking her inner John McClane (and male-pattern baldness)…

Grey McClane!

…while KB fell from Nakatomi Plaza in her Rickman haircut.

Hans GruKBer!

I did my best corpse-in-an-elevator impersonation…

Ho... ho... HO-MY GOD!

…while Beth portrayed a blonde, ballerina-dancing Russian, and Meatshake and Heisenberg served as her feline background muscle.

Beth's cat backup!

On the back, Mr. Fabulous became a giant stuffed bear, and Pip peeked over the backseat while Argyle talked on his huge cellphone.

The 2016 Shady Christmas Card! Back-style!

Obviously, this one took a lot more work than last year’s Krampus card.

We already have our Easter card done,


Come on, buttered popcorn!

But sadly, the jellybean didn’t make it.

Guess the point is moot.

Kind of glad it didn’t,


Awesome dinner with awesome people!

You guys are the best! And the food was amazing, too!

So grateful for this reconnection after all these years,


Let's do it!

Pushing Cuba,


Viva la Revolution!

Grey’s second one,


You're gonna be a star, kid!

Modern-day headshot,


Just call me His Holiness Shady.

I can marry you!

Or preside over your funeral,


Safe travels, Beth!

…after living together for the past three months.

We’re obviously sad to see her go—especially since she changed a ton of Grey’s diapers while living with us—but we’re excited for her to start her new life in Hawaii. And besides, now we have a reason to visit Hawaii again!

Mahalo, Beth! Or Mele Kalikimaka… or something like that.

Haven’t been back since 2010,


Suck it, 2016!

And then we watched Die Hard,


Another visit from the Pearsons!

And for all of that amazing beer you left behind,