Found it on the beach,


Two Carltons visit!

…quite a while ago now, actually.

Sorry, I’ve gotten bad about posting this stuff in a timely manner.

Working on being better about it,


Nice sieg heil, dipshit.

…get your fucking ads off my website.

You should be shot into space,


Another year, another first day of school.

Hoping Grey will fit in my locker,


Ollenburgs visit! With growling tiger toys for Grey!

That’s a long drive for lunch,


Not these people.

Seriously, no one noticed that?

Available is still a repeat offender,


"If you want to view paradise..."

…for this Myspace article. Check it out.

That one sucks,


We went to a White Sox game!

Sara at the White Sox game!

And a Brewers game!

Sara at the Brewers game!

And a Cubs game!

Not Sara at the Cubs game! But trust me, she was there.

Three baseball games at three parks in two cities in three days! Seriously!

Thanks for visiting, Sara. Let’s do it again soon. Preferably in the off-season.

My heart is crying from all that stadium food,


A dying breed.

At least they’ve got that black guy in the bottom righthand corner,


The Cheese Gang of 1994

…and I was 17 years old.

We all rode the yellow bus to school together and were thick as thieves.

Last week, we shared beers together before one of us moved to Germany for work. We’re all fathers now. One of us will even be a grandfather by year’s end.

Where did the last 22 years go?

Great hanging, fellas. Let’s do it again soon. Or at least sooner than 22 years from now because, you know… we’ll all be in our sixties.

Jesus Christ. That’s terrifying.

The Cheese Gang,