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Still pretty accurate,



Define "enough."

That’s gotta be it,


…to visit Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in July.

I wasn’t allowed to take photos of anything they were currently building (but believe me when I say this: IT WAS ALL AWESOME), but I was allowed to take a few shots of some of the stuff they had scattered around their conference room.

First up, a couple sculptures of Jim.

Some Jim busts.

Next, the eyes and facial animatronics from Carol of Where The Wild Things Are.

Carol's eyes from "Where the Wild Things Are."

These are Jim’s original designs for the creatures of Turkey Hollow.

Jim's "Turkey Hollow" creature designs.

Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs was there…

Baby Sinclair from "Dinosaurs."

…as was Yolanda from… something.


But then things got really cool, like this Oscar the Grouch that was one of the originals used on Sesame Street way back in the day.

Oscar the Grouch!

And then there were the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal!








…and amazing…




And finally, in the bathroom, I came across these two signs…

So must guests.

…accompanied by this sitting on the counter.

But not with that.

As a sidenote, I also got to meet Toby Froud, Brian Froud’s son, later that day. All in all, it was a pretty awesome experience.

Hopefully, some day soon I’ll be able to tell you why I was there, which is also an amazing story. Hoping I can share it with you all soon, folks!

Until then,


Grey loves Uncle Latta!

…for visiting us two weeks in a row earlier this month!

I got to relive his famous biscuits and gravy,


Back when I was living in Columbus, Ohio my friends and I started a quote wall. Whenever a bit of brilliance (or otherwise) poured out of someone’s mouth, somebody would yell “Quote!” thus nominating it for Quote Board status. The quote then had to be seconded by someone (it almost always was), and then it would be written down to be forever immortalized on the Quote Board.

This is the modern day equivalent of that classic piece of my past.


“Is that still a thing? Insane Clown Posse fans?”

– KB, 9/17/17

Jugga-yes… sadly,


…since the Saving Charlie Chaplin read, but in the next few days I’m going to post my full thoughts on that absolutely amazing and insane night.

Until then, I wanted to share this.

As a thank you to both the Black List crew and the cast, I had a dozen of these coffee mugs made up.

"Saving Charlie Chaplin" coffee mugs: 1/12

I sent them as gifts, along with a pound of Milwaukee’s Colectivo Coffee, to everyone involved. A total of twelve people, including one that I kept for myself. Now, each morning, I enjoy a cup of coffee out of Chaplin’s nonexistent face.

It’s quickly become my favorite mug.

More on Saving Charlie Chaplin soon,


Jay Anson's "The Amityville Horror."

…which, in case you haven’t been able to tell, sucked.

As a kid, I loved the movie that this book was based on. Sadly, the movie no longer holds up, but I was hoping the source material would at least be somewhat scary. It isn’t. The main reason? Because, for whatever reason, author Jay Anson loved! Writing! In! All! Exclamation! Points!

I felt like a teenager was screaming the book at me the entire time I read it. Here is an exact transcription of an excerpt from the book:

“She felt the radiator. It was hot!”

Really, dude? It was that hot?

So, yeah. Huge disappointment.

I decided to drop this literary number-two back into the same little free library in our neighborhood that I picked it out of a few weeks ago. But before I did, I updated the cover with a more accurate representation of what was inside.

Jay! Anson's! "The!" "Amityville!" "Horror!"

I’ve! Read! Less! Emphatic! High! School! Love! Letters!,




Goodbye, 40.

Where it began,


The youngest of Shadys and Pearsons!

We seriously see them more often than we see some of our parents,