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Her first Christmas ornament?

Tranifer Lovely's Wonky Critters Krampus Christmas ornament!

It was a very Krampus Christmas,


Ma Shady for the win!

…on the most-active commenters list of 2015 here on “The Blarg.”

You’re slipping, Uncle Bob and Doherty.

Not sure if I should be proud of her or feel bad for her,







Another kiss/year in the bag,



And a happy new year,


Happy tenth birthday, Mr. Fabulous!

Feeling so lucky to have this wonderful dog for a decade,


It's one shank, Michael. How much could it cost? Ten dollars?

I hate White Power Bill,


This year, we attempted a theme: We would each go as a Will Ferrell character.

Unfortunately, KB’s Ron Burgundy didn’t happen, but Grey went as Harry Caray.

Grey as Harry Caray!

I went as Gene Frenkle, AKA Blue Öyster Cult’s “MORE COWBELL!” musician.

More cowbell!

That’s a woman’s sweater. And I really need to work on that beer gut.

Anyway, Grey also got this cute Batgirl costume from her Great Aunt Carol, so she rocked that outfit as well.

Grey as Batgirl!

Obviously, things have been crazy, but I think we did okay for throwing them together last-minute.

I went trick-or-treating in my costume… alone… at 2AM,


Still scary as fuck.

They all float,


You can't see me, brother!

…for this Myspace article! Dig it!

I love that image,


I got inspired by all of these old photos everyone has been posting today of them with their mothers, so I dug through the old family photo album and came across this one of me with Ma Shady.

I do declare!

Ma was quite the socialite back then, and I was a dandy fop. Actually, that’s pretty much how we both still are today.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ma Shady! I love you!

“M” is for the many things she gave me,


Old Poop!