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It's our 2019 annual Krampus ornament!

…from OddLikeUs came a day after Christmas (totally our fault as we ordered it late this year), but it’s still gonna hang on the tree for a few more days.

Number six,


Feliz Navidad!

Much love,

-The Shadys

…which we ordered from the talented folks at Monstorium.

Grey got a La Llorona ornament…

Grey's 2019 La Llorona ornament!

…and West got a classic ghost.

West's 2019 ghost ornament!

Our annual Krampus ornament is still coming,


Happy Halloween!

We’re a-gonna win,


Still totally feel that way.

…I wrote for the current issue of Chicago (and recently teased here) is finally online, so check it out here.

Better late than never,


Now featuring me!

…for the newest issue of Chicago. One is about fighting team mascots, and the other is about spending a date night at Ikea.

The short mascot piece can be read here, but the Ikea article is only in print, so pick up your copy today.

I’m the go-to guy for all things Ikea and mascots,


Old Poop!