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…from Miller Brewing Company!

Sounds stupid, right? Wrong.

You see, one 30-second spot during next Sunday’s Super Bowl game costs nearly $3 million. That’s $100,000 per second! And, chances are, most of these spots will be either:

A) lame
B) ignored, or
C) lame and ignored

But the brilliant folks at Miller Brewing Company have decided to stretch their millions out over numerous one-second spots instead of shooting their entire load on a 30-second commercial.

The commercials that will actually end up running during the Super Bowl aren’t available, but if you hop on over to Miller’s 1-Second Ad site you’ll be able to check out some of the spots that didn’t make the cut. And while you’re there, be sure to watch the 30-second spot that basically serves as a commercial for the commercials.

So good. So smart. So beery.

The Champagne of Smarts,


Old Poop!