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dead at 60.

Sweathog in the sky,


dead at 60.

Always dug “Taxi,”


…it’s been a shitty week for death.

I usually write up a “dead” post every time someone goes, but so many people passed away this week that I’m just doing one big post.

First up, Elmer Lynn Hauldren (AKA The Empire Carpets Man) died at 89.

Also this week, songstress Phoebe Snow died at 60.

Punk rock pioneer Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex (AKA Marianne Joan Elliott-Said) died at 53.

And TV on the Radio’s Gerard Smith lost his battle with lung cancer at the young age of 36.

It’s been a week of a hell of a lot of loss, especially for the music industry. But, hey, at least we have the Royal Wedding to look forward to, right?

The week ain’t over,


Old Poop!