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…here in L.A. with Beth and Jorge earlier this week.

Located next door to Charm City Cakes, at Cakemix you’re able to decorate your own cake with fondant, icing and many other goodies.

KB and I made a princess lizard cake.

Yes, that’s a princess. And a lizard. KB did the scales on the sides. I did the lips.

If you’re ever in town, you should check it out. Learn more about it here.

Ace of princess lizard cakes,


As mentioned in a previous post, this Saturday’s episode of the Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” will feature the cake-making team heading to Hawaii to tackle a cake that will celebrate the 100th episode of “Lost.”

You can check out a sneak peek of it here.

Be sure to DVR it this Saturday and keep an eye out for my friend Jorge. Look extra close and you might even see a Shady pop up on screen.

Wanna start a show called “Ace of Meatloafs,”


No, not days in office. (Although, good job, buddy!)

The 100 I’m talking about is the 100th episode of “Lost” which will air tonight on ABC. Be sure to watch it!

Also (and I’ll make another post about this closer to the actual date), on May 9th be sure to watch “Ace of Cakes” on the Food Network. That episode may or may not have something to do with Jorge, my sister and tonight’s episode of “Lost.”

Better than 100 episodes of “Charles in Charge,”


Old Poop!