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…but regardless, it’s fucking adorable.

Seriously, no staging necessary.

You should see her juggle,


…not only because he decorates his envelopes so adorably (and puts hilarious inside-joke names in the return address)…


…and not because, like me, he communicates only in teenage girl speak…


…but because he sends me original sketches…

The sketch!

…for things that make me both nostalgic and homesick all at once.

The final!

But those other things are pretty alright, too,



…and I find out by learning that they’ve trained them to catch tuna?!?

Holy craps!

Not sure if that would be adorable or terrifying to witness,


PS: If anyone wants to illustrate what that might look like, I’ll definitely post it.

Ebola! Now with Disney characters!

Actually really disturbed that exists,


Old Poop!