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It’s come to my attention that you’ve set aside $50 million for an advertising campaign that you hope will save your public image.

Save your money.

I wouldn’t give a shit if you were the only gas station in the middle of the desert and my gas light just came on, I still wouldn’t give you a dime of my money.

I encourage the rest of the world to do the same by avoiding all BP and ARCO gas stations.

Donate that $50 million to the region, dumbasses,


…from my good friend Cesar, who wrote about this very thing on his blog, Brave New World. But I think the following images are both beautiful and brilliant, so I’ve decided to go ahead and make a quick post about it on The Blarg, too.

The Literacy Foundation is a Montreal, Quebec-based organization whose mission is to ensure that everyone has access to reading and writing.

Their new advertising campaign, called The Gift of Reading, shows classic storybook characters dying in a hospital. The concept behind the campaign is that illiteracy causes these characters to grow old and eventually disappear.

Print ads are currently running in Canadian magazines. Here’s Peter Pan looking sickly in a wheelchair:

Literacy Foundation print ad

And here’s Cinderella with an IV drip:

Literacy Foundation print ad

I also managed to find one of the campaign’s television commercials:

If only all advertising could be this smart, this well executed. Instead, we get Viagra commercials with horny old assholes raping “Viva Las Vegas,” or cavemen selling insurance.

Yet another reason to move to Canada.

Stealing content since 2009,


PS: Be sure to visit Cesar’s Brave New World.

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