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Kenley Young's "Seneca Guns."

…so pick up your copy here today, and then check out more of his music here.

I miss those L.A. bar shows,


Right here.



…just started up a new Kickstarter page to help raise money for his band’s (Demo Team) new album (“Trimurti”).

I donated $20 and am getting a copy of the album and a bunch of stickers! Support the arts (and get your very own copy of “Trimurti” in the process) by checking out Demo Team’s Kickstarter page here.

“The Blarg” is a jockstrap for the arts,


…I’ve been listening to his new disc, “Dragon Slayer,” all day long. It’s fucking awesome; definitely one of the best full-lengths to come out of 2010.

The album just came out a few weeks ago, so seek it out if you get a chance. Especially if you love this song, “The Bomb”:

Or this live version of an amazing track titled “Davey Rockit”:

About to blow up,


Pick up your copy here!

That’s still kind of weird to see,


He has a new album (“The Colossus”) coming out in two weeks!

He’s hitting the road for a three-month long tour!

He just released a new video for the disc’s first single (“Let There Be Horns”)!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Waiting with antici… pation,


…put out a great EP a few months ago called “Songs for a Break Up: Volume 1” and I loved every ounce of it. Here’s the proof.

Today they announced that you can download the entire album for free (including a handful of bonus tracks). Talk about a season of giving!

Hop on over to their site here and download your copy today.

Free music I’d happily pay for,


Old Poop!