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Get your pets spayed and neutered... AND LOCK THEM THE FUCK UP!

…of how many animals we’ve rescued since moving to Los Angeles, but the one above (which I rescued earlier today) definitely puts it in the 12 to 15 range.

Animal magnetism,


…right here:

Hi. My girlfriend and I just finished “Missing the Boat.” It was great, but so sad. It was nice to read about animals that we have so much in common with.

They are very similar to the possibly extinct species the Paramon, which met their demise during the snowstorm of 2008 in Vancouver. They love salt, but once they started eating all the road salt, they died from either car accidents or carbon monoxide poisoning.

I was just wondering if they exist elsewhere in the world, as I can’t find any info on them. Do you know?

-Andrew Harris

I do not know, Andrew Harris, but your email makes me love you.

Fan male,


…which is a great museum out here in L.A. You can learn more about it here.

One of the museum’s permanent exhibitions is “Noah’s Ark” which is a kid-friendly, hands-on re-creation of the biblical tale. All of the “animals” on the Ark are made from found or recycled objects.

Here’s a crocodile made from a violin case, a tire, some eye droppers, and a pair of gloves:

Crocodile from the Skirball Cultural Center's "Noah's Ark"

Pretty cool, huh? You can check out more pictures from my first visit to the Skirball by clicking here.

The museum also gives kids a tiny Ark with plastic animals to play with. One of these animals is a pig. Here’s a picture of it:

Top of pig toy

Kathy’s nephew and I were playing around with it when I flipped it over:

Bottom of pig toy

Holy crap. That pig is packing.

You’re my hero, pig. My big-weinered hero.

He-Man wasn’t hung like that,


Old Poop!