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…and thanks to my good friend Frank Cvetkovic for bringing it to my attention.

Just beacuase,


…the animated video “Muto” by artist BLU hit the Internet.

Two days ago, BLU posted a brand-new video titled “Big Bang Big Boom.”

That’s some serious dedication to your art,


…but I still love it.

The song is by Jorgen Schlachter,


…(see below), but it’s not nearly as fantastic as this video:

Giving Pixar a run for its money,



That is all,


…chances are you know who animator/filmmaker Al Jarnow is; you probably just never knew it until right now:

Jarnow’s short films were recently collected onto a DVD titled “Celestial Navigations: The Short Films of Al Jarnow.” Click here to check out the set on Amazon.

They’re even taking the films on the road to a few select cities. Click here to learn more.

Animation education,



…I saw a rough cut of a documentary about Disney animation called “Waking Sleeping Beauty.” I ended up writing about it in “Variety” here.

With the film coming out in limited release on March 26th, the studio recently released this poster image:

Be sure to check it out when it comes to your town.

More than Mickey,


That’s it. Just beautiful.

The only good thing about the Olympics,


The folks over at Pixar just released a new short from “Up” titled “George & A.J.” The cartoon follows the two Shady Oaks Retirement Community employees after Carl Fredricksen’s house takes off.

The cartoon isn’t done in the slick CG animation you’re used to seeing from Pixar, but it’s still a fun little short to sidetrack you from all of that boring work you should be doing.

It was written and directed by Pixar’s Josh Cooley.

Here you go:

Justin Shady Oaks,



…but there’s an embargo on reviews for a couple of weeks, so I can’t talk about the film itself.

What I can do is show you this picture:

"The Princess and The Frog"

Saw it on the Disney lot,


Old Poop!