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Yeah... that's awesome.

Replacing artists one app at a time,


Hello, my name is Justin...

The irony is that’s a health app,


…and ye shall receive!


Stop drinking my beer, Panda!

Thanks, Sara!

I really am a tiger,


Anya as a leopard!

Greg as a fox!

Trent Reznor as a lion!

…and something tells me you’ll do the same thing after reading this post.

I wanna be a tiger,


Seriously time to delete this app.

Or whatever,


…that blends images together to make one (almost always creepy) image.

Here are a few of my first test runs.

Me (top) + Bill (bottom) =

Shady + Bill

Mr. Fabulous + Bowery =

Mr. Fabulous + Bowery

Sarah (left) + KB (right) =

Sarah + KB

Sarah (top) + KB (bottom) =

Sarah + KB

KB + Sarah =

KB + Sarah

Jonah + Me =

Jonah + Me

Holy split, those are terrifying,


…that transcribes her voicemails and then sends them to her in an email.

This past weekend, she got this transcribed voicemail emailed to her:

I guess soon. Can you call me back. I just wanna make sure that I got, saw total number of addresses and then again I’m I send you all the address. Been a busy got wall, but I think you sent me that address. And that’d be fine. Hey somebody by the name of phone so I can get one yeah Myer long. I think I even one more. So I just wanna double talking debit card, alright. Thank you will type stuff injury now and then I wanted to know if is, but that L also stuff in the form or Nazi patch you through it but I know it’s Anna, and you know. So, alright call. Thank you.

I guess an illiterate psychopath called her,


…has an app on her iPhone that gives people a “fat makeover.” I’m not kidding. It’s called FatBooth.

With FatBooth, you shoot a photo of a person’s face and it instantly packs on the pounds. Of course, KB and I had to try it out:

Wow. That’s really a terrible idea.

We look like the Nutty Professor,


Old Poop!