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If you happen to be in Milwaukee tomorrow night, be sure to stop into Hot*PopĀ and check out Dwella vs. Ella 2, a pretty good sequel to a pretty good art show.

Back in 2009, my good friend Dwellephant and a then 6-year-old Ella Martin gave the world Dwella vs. Ella, an art show that featured drawings from both artists. Now, three years later (and with a 9-year-old Ella Martin), they’re back!

Hot*Pop is located at 213 N. Broadway Avenue in the Third Ward. The opening will run during Gallery Night’s normal hours.

So go! Look at art! Buy some! And say hello to the city and people I love!

My, how they’ve grown,


…be sure to check out “The Muppet (Art) Show” at the Rogues Gallery in Packrat Comics in Hilliard.

The show will feature work from a bunch of artists who each contributed their own interpretations of the Muppets. The best part? A bunch of my friends are in it!

Jeremy R. Scott created this gem…

Dwellephant contributed numerous pieces to the show (this being one of them)…

…as did the event’s organizer, Josh Peters.

Other artists include Joel Jackson, Alex Clare, and Timberlee Myers, among others.

The opening reception is this Saturday, December 3rd at 7:00 PM. The gallery will also be open during Packrat Comics’ regular business hours.

Learn more about the event and see more pieces here on Facebook, and here at the Rogues Gallery blog.

It’s time to play the music,


Old Poop!