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I feel so horribly guilty.

…to read a short sidebar I wrote for them called Bluestown vs. Brewtown.

And yes, I feel horribly guilty about writing this one. But, hey, at least I got to bag on that human turd Sheriff David Clarke.

You can also read it here. It’s at the bottom of the article.

Gonna get some shit from my family for this one,



"Chicago" mag featuring both Shadys! Heisenberg digs it!

…to read a short piece I wrote for them called Just Some Casual Suggestions for New Tourist Attractions.

Or you can read it here.

Short and funny is what I excel at… and how I make love,


May 2017 issue of

…partly because I wrote two short pieces in it—one on Donald Trump’s Tweets, another on ridiculous job listings—but also because it’s damn pretty.

You can also check them out here and here.

These two articles didn’t generate nearly as much hatred as this one,



Because they use still frames from works of fiction—here, Lost—to promote their clickbait, bullshit articles that are supposedly based in “fact.”

Don’t click on anything with a number in its headline,


…for their “Music for Trailers” section.

You can read the first one here and the second one here.

Working hard for the money,