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Jamie's studio!

…got interviewed by our alma mater about her artist studio workspace.

Check it out here.

Glad we’ve stayed in touch after all these years,



She was talking about herself,



If so, check out DesignScout because they’re looking for you.



…and I love them.

Thanks to Israel for passing it along,


…and if you love the work above, you’ll love him, too.

My childhood is now fine art,


…is trying to raise $25,000 to fund a new documentary film about American photographer/artist Joel-Peter Witkin. The name of the project (for now, at least) is “Joel-Peter Witkin: An Objective Eye.”

If you don’t know what Witkin does, he creates a lot of imagery like this:

Sure, it’s not exactly for everyone. But if you’re an art and photo nerd like myself, you love it.

Anyway, Marino started up a Kickstarter page to raise money for the film. The page contains an outline of what he’s trying to accomplish, as well as a fancy trailer! Check it all out here.

Oh, and did I mention that my good friend Erik Rose is also involved in the project? Yep, he is! That’s his illustration work on the Kickstarter page.

So support indie film (and artists like Thomas and Erik) and donate today.

Going to bed,


Learn more about the poster series “A Bunch of Crock” here, then love Safwat yourself (and buy some posters) here.

My birthday is September 25th,


dead at 88.

Never made the connection,


…here are some images from the show (click each image for a larger version):

Learn more about Camille here and the exhibition here.

Trying desperately not to buy art,


…first gets fucked by Chinese art thief Cai Jiang Xun, then by the copyright infringement-friendly eBay.

Learn more about the thievery here, and check out Paul’s art here.

Cai Jiang Xun is an imposturd,


Old Poop!