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I know some of you are of the mindset that we must remain vigilant and keep an eye on him at all times—keep your friends close, your enemies closer and all that—and while that is partly true, keeping tabs on him is only half the battle. The other half is learning when to completely ignore him.

Today—one of the darkest days in American history—will undoubtedly be the biggest, most important day of his pathetic little life. Do not add to his already (unjustly) inflated ego by tuning in. Don’t add another viewer—another set of eyeballs—to the train wreck as it unfolds on live television.

The only good that could possibly come out of today is that some hero throws an unripened tomato at his dick. And believe me, if that actually does happen it will be all over the internet in half a second.

So don’t slow your car down. Don’t roll your window down for a better view. Don’t gawk. Just keep on driving.

Because the key to fighting this putz will be to watch him like a hawk when he wants to stay hidden, and completely ignore him when he’s looking for the attention he so desperately craves. It will take time to master, for sure, but unfortunately we have four years to figure it out.

An easy way to gauge whether or not you should be paying attention to him is this: If he’s smiling that smug grin, waving with his tiny hands, and quoting his stupid fucking reality show, odds are he’s counting on you to tune in.

Don’t give him the pleasure.

More soon, so stay tuned. We’re just getting started.



Seriously, go fuck yourself.

…but considering “Adam” put a fake phone number down on the note he left on the windshield of our car, he can go fuck himself.

Well played, jackass.

People are awful,


It's a crosswalk! Not a parking spot for assholes!

I seriously think if someone does this, pedestrians should be allowed to walk over the hood or roof of their car. With cleats on.

This town is full of them,


…but this time he’s not going after the unions. No, this time he’s going after the civil liberties of same-sex couples.

Learn more here, then go here to sign a petition to stop Walker’s bigotry.

Scott Walker is a present day Joseph McCarthy,


Old Poop!