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…last Friday for a few hours. Admittedly, most of the time, I looked like this:

But I did get to hang out (albeit briefly) with my Uncle John and Aunt Teri.

That made it worth the trip.

Another con down,


Why? Because people just love sending me good (and free) coffee!

First, I complained about the gutter sludge I was drinking out here in Los Angeles. Then, a group of great friends signed Kathy and I up for a monthly coffee subscription from Alterra for our birthdays. And yesterday, I got this from my Aunt Teri:

Porto Rico Importing Co. Coffee

It’s a pound of “Peters Blend” from Porto Rico Importing Co. in New York!

Seriously, if I’d have known this was going to be the reaction, I’d have bitched about crappy coffee sooner. Speaking of which, my car sure is a piece of shit. I sure hate driving it. Oh, and our TV has been acting really crazy recently, too. Someone suggested I get a big flat-screen television, but I don’t know. Ho-hum.

Thanks so much for the coffee, Teri! We really appreciate it! We made a pot of French press this morning and, mmm, it was awesome.

Kathy and I want to do a blind taste test between this, Alterra’s upcoming November coffee, and the sludge that’s still sitting in a metal tub in our freezer. I don’t know why I haven’t thrown that out yet. Maybe I’ll try and train our cat to go to the bathroom in it, because it kind of tastes like kitty litter.

If anyone else reading this wants to send me coffee, I will gladly take it. Heh.

Now accepting all handouts,


Old Poop!