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We love us some Averhoffs!

…for visiting!

More soon about what they left behind,


We've got us some Averhoffs!

The Pearsons are next,


…for these¬†sweet new baby threads…

Clothes from the Averhoffs!

…some baby reading material…

That's one big red barn!

…and some daddy¬†reading material…

Be prepared. Be very prepared.

…which is awesome because it has stuff like this in it…


…and this.


That illustration is spot-on,



In addition to being great friends (that I’ve known for nearly two decades), they have an amazing son named Liam who is one of the coolest kids on the planet.

Now, they’re hoping to add another member to their awesome family.

Learn how you can help make that a reality here.

I expect to be the godfather… or something comparable,


I told you I’d get you back!

Thanks to Beth, Matt and Amadeus for helping out.

Cleveland-bound dirty rag from L.A. (via Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland),


Old Poop!