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YES! But no.

That’s not syrup,




That is all,


No! YES!!!

Awesome awesome trouble.

KB has a wine (buying) addiction,


"So... do you come to Milwaukee often?"

…or at least that’s what Yahoo’s Autocomplete feature thinks (based on searches).

Learn what Yahoo thinks about your country/state/city here.

So far, they’re three for three,



You just got Furley’d,


…for best decorated. Click on the image to view a larger version.

Not only is the cat two stories tall, and it straddles the sidewalk allowing people to walk underneath it, but its head also turns from side to side!

Holy crap!

They should have a Halloween-off with Jorge,


Awesome! I didn’t even know about it until we saw it on a store shelf!

Fuck Bieber for ruining a perfectly good name,


…is awesome.

I’m aching now,



I live on Knifepenis Avenue,


…is awesome. This is why:

Retarded brilliance,



Old Poop!