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Still overpriced.

…when something you wrote shows up in the bargain bin!

Still one penny better than the 99¢ Only Stores,


Fact #1: The first issue of a comic sells much better than the second issue.

Fact #2: I have no first issues of either “Bad Ideas” or “The Roberts,” but a handful of second issues of both.

Fact #3: I want to get rid of them.

Here’s the deal, folks: I’m giving away nine #2 packets for free. Well, they’re mostly free because I’m charging $5 for shipping. (I don’t want to lose money, for crying out loud!) For that $5 you’ll get autographed copies of “Bad Ideas” #2 and “The Roberts” #2, as well as an original drawing from yours truly! Out of those nine, one lucky person will receive a super awesome secret prize!

So the first nine folks who send in $5 (sent via PayPal to will get their filthy little hands all over my number twos! Ewww!

By the way, I also have four additional #2 copies of “The Roberts.” If interested in getting a signed copy of just that issue, send just $2 for shipping.

So hit me up soon and get these stinky number twos out of my sight!

Poop jokes are always funny,


…that held a few old scripts I wrote years ago. But before I do, I figured I’d share two original sketches that Dave Crosland drew on the front of each one.

The first folder was for my “Bad Ideas” script. Dave drew himself, Jim Mahfood and yours truly (as Wayne Chinsang) on the front.

The second is for a spec one-shot I wrote for Marvel called “Dinner for Six.” (They passed on it.) Dave drew Rhino (of Sinister Six fame) on the front.

I always dug these quick sketches… but not enough to keep them forever.



Dave Crosland (illustrator extraordinaire who I worked with on “Heaven, LLC” and “Bad Ideas”) recently appeared in a webisode of “The Variants,” a comedy web series put together by the fine folks at Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas.

Dave costarred with “PvP” creator Scott Kurtz.

Check it out here:

Good… but not as good as his Rudy impersonation,



Old Poop!