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…who doesn’t give a screaming shit if the “Big Three” car companies fail?

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know the rhetoric: Ripple effects, massive layoffs, the country plunges into a depression and blah blah blah.

And you know what? Even if all of that is true, I still don’t give a shit.

So instead of cleaning the slate and starting over from scratch, instead of giving new companies a chance to come in and create something smarter and more efficient, we’re going to keep shoveling our money at these assholes? These jags who have completely mismanaged their billion-dollar corporations to the point where they’re coming apart at the seams?

And yeah, I know they say, “Well, we need to stay afloat for the American worker because without us, there is no them.”

I didn’t see them giving a fuck about the American worker over the past two decades when they were closing down local plants and shipping jobs overseas to people who would work for a nickel a week. They don’t care about the American worker. They don’t even care about their product. All they care about is themselves.

So I say fuck ’em. Let Ford, GM and Chrysler fail, and then let’s all go to Detroit for a big-ass bonfire.

This is OUR MONEY, folks. Remember that.


Old Poop!