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Not a game I want to play.

Those aren’t hairy or balls,


…when we moved.

Specifically, this old Red Carpet Lanes bowling ball…

Bon voyage, bowling ball!

…and this rubber band ball, which I had been adding to since 2000.

It's been real, rubber band ball!

At the center of that ball is a bloody Band-Aid. Gross, I know, but true.

I brought my other balls with me… all three of ’em,


…I’ve lived in California for a month now, and it’s not like I wasn’t AWARE that this was the case before today, but for some reason it really just hit me that I live in a state where this motherfucker is governor:

Nice "sieg heil," Arnie.

Nice "Sieg Heil," Arnie.

Oh, balls.


Old Poop!