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We went to a White Sox game!

Sara at the White Sox game!

And a Brewers game!

Sara at the Brewers game!

And a Cubs game!

Not Sara at the Cubs game! But trust me, she was there.

Three baseball games at three parks in two cities in three days! Seriously!

Thanks for visiting, Sara. Let’s do it again soon. Preferably in the off-season.

My heart is crying from all that stadium food,


FOUND: Jay-Z's baseball.

…we found your baseball.

Send me your address if you want it back.

He’s got 99 problems and a lost baseball is just one,


Skip to the 1:30 mark:

I’d be way more into sports,


I’m not a sports fan, but this is pretty awesome.

Go Brewers!

Twenty-nine long years,


You’ve got to love these guys.



Old Poop!