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…recently illustrated artwork for the Gary, Indiana-based 18th Street Brewery.

Erik’s illustrations are featured on 18th Street’s American pale ale, which is better known as Temporal Purgatory. On a can, Erik’s work looks like this:

18th Street Brewery's Temporal Purgatory artwork by Erik Rose!

Head-on, it looks like this:

I'd drink that!

If you zoom into the tombstone with the cross on top of it on the left, just above the skeleton’s hip bone, you’ll find this:

Now with more Zori!

Zori, which is the last name of our other good friend Milan.

And if you zoom in above and to the left of the skull’s mandible, you’ll find this:

I've made it!

Shady! Yay!

You know you’ve made it when your last name shows up on a can of beer,


…and the most important words that start with each one.

I, P, and A are next.

Surprisingly, that was KB’s doing,


Don't mind if I do!

“Coupon”¬†helps, too,


Sixth (and final) month!

And… that might be it for the year. I think. But hopefully not.

Waiting for September,


Fifth month!

…that, seriously, are all already gone.

Think I’ve got one month left,


Twelve more beers for month number four!

Oh, thank Christ.

Just in time for the end of the world tomorrow,


Another month, another beer(s).

Perfect timing. I needed a drink.

The gift that keeps on giving,



Super stocking stuffer,


Mo' month! Mo' beers!

And, yeah, all twelve are already gone.

This birthday gift is making rehab really hard,


Hello, my name is Justin...

The irony is that’s a health app,


Old Poop!