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Including this rodeo photo we received from our good friends Mark and Julius…


…this burglar cupid print we bought in Berlin…


…and this Mucca Pazza print created by Dwellephant.


Seriously running out of wall space,


Yeah... was a damn good night.

McDonald’s followed,


Want Roxy to plug your movie? You got it.

…AKA Roxy, is a reporter for The Hollywood Reporter. He also happens to be one of my favorite people to hang out with whenever KB works a film festival abroad.

Why do I love hanging out with Roxy? Because he loves to drink. But also because he somehow manages to be honest, clever, and hilarious all at the same time.

Here’s a perfect example of that in action, live on Germany’s international broadcast network Deutsche Welle, right after Roxy attended the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere at the Berlinale in Berlin last week.

Click here to watch it.

It’s been less than a week and I miss him already,



…we will be back from spending ten days in Berlin…


…and four days in Istanbul.

Hence, the painfully long delay in updates here on “The Blarg.”

That delay is over as of today.

Stay tuned,


…including these two prints by Berlin artist Dirk Verschure

Dirk Verschure!

the painting of our three beasts by our good friend Jason “McFly” Kincaid

Three beasts by Jason "McFly" Kincaid!

…our good friend Marla Campbell’s original portraits of Mr. Fabulous…

Mr. Fabulous by Marla Campbell!


Meatshake by Marla Campbell!

…and Heisenberg…

Heisenberg by Marla Campbell!

…this “Being Bill Murray” print by Spain-based illustrator Loren

"Being Bill Murray" by Loren!

…this Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog print by Austin-based artist(s) We Call Ourselves An Institute

Jim and Kermit by We Call Ourselves An Institute!

…this print from Hungarian artist Aman


…and finally, this original pen and ink illustration that also created by our good friend Marla Campbell.

Marla Campbell!

Needless to say, our walls are quickly filling up.

Fifty (give or take) more pieces to go,


$500 meat, fruit, and cheese plate... that was good, but not THAT good.

…that we CLEARLY didn’t pay for.

I forgot to post this back in February, when it happened.

Ain’t no meat, fruit or cheese that good,


She was visiting from Singapore along with her friend Sally, who is from Taiwan.

I was sitting at a table working (i.e. drinking) alone; Eve and Sally were sitting at the table beside me. I remember being impressed with them because, even though they are both very petite women, they were chugging down one-liter beers like pros.

We struck up a conversation, and I soon ditched my table to join theirs. Shortly after that, our waiter took a seat with us and joined in the conversation. Our table was the United Nations of beer-drinking! We were four strangers from four different countries, quickly becoming friends over two things almost everyone can agree on: beer and sausage.

I shot this photo of our unlikely group of new friends:

Hofbräuhaus friends!

Eventually, Eve and Sally had to leave (they were leaving for Paris the next day), and our waiter had to get back to work (or go drink with some other customers), but before we went our separate ways I gave my info to each of them and said, “If you’re ever in L.A. let’s get a drink.”

Last week, Eve came to Los Angeles! We quickly picked up where we had left off two months earlier: at a bar over beers.

Eve! In Los Angeles!

It was great seeing her again, and I look forward to drinking with her in a new country soon. As long as Eve is there, any country/beer will do.

Got a place to stay in Singapore now,


…I don’t think I’d enter the bar in Berlin that has this scary painting on its door.

Not... sure... what's... happening... here.

I guess they’ve been warned,


…when we went to Berlin, so I had to buy a new one once we got there.

He's the one they call Dr. Best!

I picked up a Dr. Best toothbrush, which sounds like the title of a hair metal song.

Yesterday, I used it to clean off the posts of our car battery,


Apparently, Vanilla Ice is now so desperate that he comes out and performs every time someone orders a brownie at this restaurant in Berlin.

Dessert dessert, baby!

Such a long fall from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze,


Old Poop!