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…when I was all like, “It was the biggest day yet on ‘The Blarg,'” and I wrote about hopefully breaking the 500 mark someday?

Well, that day is today! “The Blarg” absolutely murdered yesterday’s record of 417 visits with a mind-boggling 585 visits! That beat out the previous record by nearly 170 visits! Holy crap! I can’t believe it!

So once again, thanks to all my regular Blargers. I really appreciate it.

Now shooting for 600,


“The Blarg” had its biggest day yesterday with nearly 420 unique views!

I’d like to think it was mostly because of this or this, but I’m more inclined to think it had to do with this. Especially with over 40 comments on the post.

Whatever the case, I’m just glad it happened!

Thanks to all the readers, and super-awesome thanks to those who’ve passed “The Blarg” along to friends.

Shooting for 500,


“The Blarg” welcomed over 400 readers yesterday, crushing the site’s previous one-day high of 353!

Thanks to everyone who is a regular visitor to the site, and an extra special thanks to anyone who has ever passed it along to someone else.

Trying to hit a thousand by 2010,


With over 200 unique visitors, “The Blarg” had its biggest day to date!

So thanks to everyone who stopped by, and extra special love to those who passed along links.

Blowing up like Gaza,


Old Poop!