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…my good friend Erik sent me this autographed (and by “autographed” I mean “forged by Erik”) glossy of Spin Doctors.

Faked Spin Doctors!

My favorite part is how Erik haphazardly scribbled “DRUMS!” above the guy who, you know, plays drums.

Anyway, there was actually a second unsigned glossy included in the envelope when I received it, so I did my own round of forged autographs…

More faked Spin Doctors!

…and then placed it in the Little Free Library by our house.

Free faked Spin Doctors!

An hour later, when I passed by it again while taking Amazing Larry on a walk, it was already gone.

Now keeping an eye out for it on eBay,


Bad ass indeed, West!

You’ve finally grown into your eyes,



Another year down with the best daughter a father could ask for,


The best birthday girl!

We’re so grateful for every single day that we get to spend with you… and are admittedly kind of shocked that you’re still around.

You’re the best, Mr. Fab, and we love you so much!

Where her thirteen started,


You’re the best, little man, and I love you so much!

Yes, even when you look like Marty Feldman.


More on West’s cake later,


We couldn’t have asked for a smarter, funnier, and more brilliant daughter.


A few weeks ago, our good friend Milan asked Grey what kind of birthday cake she wanted. Her request: “A pink panda cake, with a house on top, with a skeleton on top, and a polar bear candle.”

Pretty specific, right?

Soon after, Milan (who wasn’t able to attend Grey’s party) sent us this sketch.


Our other good friend Marla (we have a lot of good friends) got busy building the house and baking the cake. I was in charge of sculpting the skull (which was simplified down from a skeleton) and the polar bear candle holder.


In the end, Grey’s cake looked pretty close to Milan’s sketch.


Next up… West’s big number two (heh),


Lucky number thirteen!

You’re the best, and I’m so grateful for every single day that you’re lying, sleeping, and farting at my feet. You’ve reached a fabulous thirteen, buddy!

That photo of Fab sitting in fresh snow is from this morning, but here’s a photo of her doing the same thing in 2007. She had just turned two.

The. Best.

Where twelve started,


West Rebel Wilder Robert Bryja Shady is one!

I love you so much, little buddy!

I meant #2 as in “second child,” not second favorite… or poop,


Old Poop!