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Lucky number thirteen!

You’re the best, and I’m so grateful for every single day that you’re lying, sleeping, and farting at my feet. You’ve reached a fabulous thirteen, buddy!

That photo of Fab sitting in fresh snow is from this morning, but here’s a photo of her doing the same thing in 2007. She had just turned two.

The. Best.

Where twelve started,


West Rebel Wilder Robert Bryja Shady is one!

I love you so much, little buddy!

I meant #2 as in “second child,” not second favorite… or poop,


Three. Wow.

You’re the bestest.

Much love,


Mr. Fabulous hits a dozen!

Twelve looks great on you!

It seems like you were eleven just yesterday. Oh wait… you were.

Hard to believe she was only four months old when I adopted her.

Couldn’t ask for a better girl,


I always wanted to get a Beefcake in the mail!

…of the Brutus “The Barber” variety.

Thanks, man!

Also, I’m not 43… and he knows that,


It's a birfday mixtape from Tiggins!

…made me an old-school mixtape for my birthday last September.

It took me awhile to find and dig out a player, but I was finally able to listen to the tape earlier today!

Thanks for the mix, Tiggins! There’s a lot of great music on there, and I found myself becoming nostalgic for that old tape “hiss” sound.

I think we’re officially going steady now,


Happy eleven, Mr. Fabulous!

We reused Grey’s #1 candle so just imagine it in there twice.

She’s come a long way since number ten.

She’s the absolute best,


40 for 40.

…as a joke.

But, yep, I drank it. Goddamn right I did.

Thanks for the joke, Beth!

Hoping they make 41 ounces by next September,


…for my birthday all the way from San Francisco.

I sock the line.

The Man in Black... socks.
Yeah, buddy!

But then, the very next day, I got these pairs of socks from my good friends Bryan and Alisha in Columbus.

More socks!

And this pair of socks (which may or may not be knee-highs for a woman) from my good friend Sue in Los Angeles.

And more socks!

I’m sensing both a trend and a conspiracy here.

Still, all of the pairs are much appreciated… and desperately needed.

I can take a hint.

Socks it to me,


Happy first birthday, Grey!

You’re pretty much the best thing ever, and I’m so proud to be your dad.

Love you so much,


Old Poop!