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40 for 40.

…as a joke.

But, yep, I drank it. Goddamn right I did.

Thanks for the joke, Beth!

Hoping they make 41 ounces by next September,


…for my birthday all the way from San Francisco.

I sock the line.

The Man in Black... socks.
Yeah, buddy!

But then, the very next day, I got these pairs of socks from my good friends Bryan and Alisha in Columbus.

More socks!

And this pair of socks (which may or may not be knee-highs for a woman) from my good friend Sue in Los Angeles.

And more socks!

I’m sensing both a trend and a conspiracy here.

Still, all of the pairs are much appreciated… and desperately needed.

I can take a hint.

Socks it to me,


Happy first birthday, Grey!

You’re pretty much the best thing ever, and I’m so proud to be your dad.

Love you so much,


Happy tenth birthday, Mr. Fabulous!

Feeling so lucky to have this wonderful dog for a decade,


Happy ninth birthday, Mr. Fabulous!

Nine wonderful years with the best dog ever,


Ice Ice Shady!

Wisconsin proud, motherfuckers!

…for all of these sweet birthday goodies!

Shirt for the skin, stickers for the suitcase,


…to Wirtshaus last week to help celebrate my birthday (and watch me drink two liters of free beer out of a gigantic glass boot in the process)!

Beth and I posed for a nice sibling photo at the bar…

Sweet siblings!

…followed by a more accurate sibling photo.

Sparring siblings!

The glass boot ended in an empty success!


But the two liters of free beer pales in comparison to this group of human beings whom I love with all of my 38-year-old heart.

You're all the best!

On to 39,




Okay, now you're just fucking with me.

Clearly, she’s trying to kill me,


Happy eighth birthday, Mr. Fabulous!

Eight great years,


"Breaking Bad" birthday schwag from Beth!

Now you’ve seen it,


Old Poop!