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…started a new art blog called “Backwards Dinosaur Arm.” Check it out here!

Pimpin’ is easy,


…was a guest blogger yesterday on USA Today’s “Pop Candy.”

Check out her post here.

I’d kill for that traffic,


…check it out right here.

Long live the island,


…to the blog “Heard Mentality” which is owned/run by “OC Weekly.”

You can check out my first blog entry about the inevitable Poison biopic here.

I’ll be contributing regularly to “Heard Mentality” so be sure to check it out frequently for more Shady-ness.

Spreading the insanity,


blogs for and gets corn-rowed for

Also, check out this short video from the photo shoot:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sippin’ on gin and juice,


Sorry, kids. I just found out that I got a full-time job with a national news agency (FOX News) and part of my contract is that I can no longer maintain a blog or website that features any kind of slant or bias.

I’ll leave the site up for a few more days until I sign the final paperwork, but “The Blarg” will more than likely be gone by early next week.

Thanks for reading. It was fun.



My friend Jorge posted this about our lovely dog, Mr. Fabulous, on his blog “Dispatches from the Island.”

Hop on over and check it out, and be sure to sign up for Jorge’s updates if you haven’t done so already.

Meet Jorge Jetson,


…called “The House of Figs.”

Supposedly, that’s what her name translates into.

Check it out here.

Do you know how easily I could make a joke here?


Old Poop!