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"The Simpsons' Beloved Springfield: Essays on the TV Series and Town That Are Part of Us All"

…who a decade ago coauthored The Simpsons in the Classroom: Embiggening the Learning Experience with the Wisdom of Springfield with her friend Karma Waltonen, is back with another Simpsons-centric book called The Simpsons’ Beloved Springfield: Essays on the TV Series and Town That Are Part of Us All.

Denise serves as coeditor on the book (along with Waltonen), and the cover features an illustration from our other good friend Dwellephant.

The book was released last August (I told you I was behind on these), but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up your very own copy right… now!

You can read it while in quarantine,


"A Dreadful Fairy Book" by Jon Etter.

…on getting his first book published!

A Dreadful Fairy Book is the first installment in a trilogy of books from Jon.

Pick up your copy here.

I got to check it out early,


PS: To be clear, Jon’s book came out last November. I’ve just been shit at posting.

"Chaos Theory" by Mercedes Helnwein.

…for sending me her book Chaos Theory.

Learn more about Mercedes’ work here.

Someday soon we’ll own an original,


What the fuck?!?

I don’t remember that in the move adaptation,


West's postcard book from Marla!

Thanks, Marla, for keeping your gifts even-steven amongst siblings.

West already has a few postcards…

Nearly empty!

…but if you have our address, please send him more! Or, if you don’t have our address and want to send West (or Grey) a postcard, hit me up.

Marla’s gifts are keeping the postal service in business,


Our good friend Marla gave Grey this handmade wooden book as a baby gift.

Super cool gift from Aunt Mars!

It even has Grey’s name pressed into the cover.

Dang! Now I can't steal it!

Inside are plastic sheets that hold 4″ x 6″ postcards.

One postcard and counting!

We’d now like to fill this book up with postcards from friends and family.

So the next time you travel—or even if you’re not traveling and just want to send Grey a quick hello—send a postcard to:

Grey Danger Shady
9107 Woodland Drive
Hickory Hills, IL

And just so you know, postcard stamps are now 35 cents.

Holy crap! When did that happen?

Everybody loves getting mail,


His speech is worth a thousand words.

…including the balls on Donald Trump to call anything weird or strange, but I especially love the woman in the top right corner who felt compelled to read a book during his speech.

She’s probably just hiding her face in shame,


…for these two magnets…

Magnets! From Bill and Sarah!

…and this book and sketchbook!

Sketchbook and book! From Bill and Sarah!

The sketchpad speaks the truth,


…for this copy of Rolly Crump’s It’s Kind Of A Cute Story

"It's Kind Of A Cute Story" by Rolly Crump!

…which was signed by Rolly himself (and co-author Jeff Heimbuch)!

Signed by Rolly!

As if that weren’t enough, they also got me this mustachioed skull bottle opener!

To open beer with! BEER!

Thanks, guys! Youse the best!

I’m sensing a theme,


Old Poop!