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…this past weekend!

Simon is kind of in there, promise.

And we love and miss you, Bowery.

We hope wherever you are right now is filled with tennis balls.

She'll always be one of the best.

Mr. Fabulous is wearing black (with patches of white) in mourning,


Farewell, Bowery.

…I meant four great ones.

Mr. Fabulous misses Bowery already,


…but Bowery isn’t having any of it.

Bowery fights back,


…but not as much as Japanese tourists love taking their pictures with them.

Rock star dogs,


…to our friends Bill and Sarah in San Francisco.

Recently, we’ve begun sending postcards back and forth between our dogs; we have a mutt named Mr. Fabulous, they have a golden retriever named Bowery.

I hope their mailman is able to put two and two together because otherwise this postcard is super creepy:

Mailmen must have a million stories,


Old Poop!