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…doesn’t look too different from the site’s top five commenters in 2012.

Top five commenters on "The Blarg" in 2013.

My mom still holds the crown for top commenter with an even 200 comments (nearly doubling last year’s total), but my good friend Brandon Doherty moved up a notch, stealing the #2 position from my Uncle Bob. Both Paul Spooner and Jocco slipped out of the top five, only to be replaced by Kate C. and my dad.

Now, let’s see which of you really love me in 2014.

And… they’re off,


After a recent white elephant gift exchange, I (unfortunately) ended up with a box of Anne Geddes stationary.

Now, if you know me, you know that I love Anne Geddes about as much as I love the Dread Pirate Dale Chihuly. (That’s an art nerd joke.)

But rather than turn the stationary into scrap paper, I decided to have some fun. I took ten horrible quotes from ten terrible people in history, and then jotted one down onto each piece of paper. I then mailed it off to an old college friend (hence the “CCAD” at the bottom of each one) with no explanation inside. The only direction I included was: “Find a way to post this.”

Yesterday, I received my third note from my good friend Brandon Doherty.

So enjoy this third installment of what will (hopefully) be a ten-part series:



Seven to go,


PS: My friends are really stepping it up for extra credit! Brandon went so far as to creatively edit his letter, and then post it on a pole in Chicago for all to enjoy!

High-five, Doherty!

Morning rub...

Love the Munn,


Lion's Pride from Brandon and Jamie!

…sent us a bottle of Lion’s Pride Organic Whiskey from Koval Distillery in Chicago.

They didn’t send it to us as a liquor of the month or anything like that. They sent it to us just because. Clearly, we have the best friends in the universe.

The bottle came with this friendly message:

The whiskey takes a sinister turn.

Thanks, guys!

If anyone else wants to send us booze feel free,


Thanks to my good friend Brandon Doherty for sending this brilliant bit over.

I cannot wait for a medieval cookie,


…sent me this photo of his computer screen at work:

On his monitor is the photo of KB and me as the twins from “The Shining.” Hanging above the monitor is a poster for a Diane Arbus exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Arbus’ famous photograph of the twin girls, titled Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967, inspired the twins in the film.

Pretty badass.

Thanks for sending it along, Brandon!

I have a feeling this is about to start a slew of Kindle-like posts,


…because my good friend Brandon Doherty pointed it out to me.

Either the art department at Warner Bros. didn’t think this poster for the upcoming “Yogi Bear” movie all the way through, or they’re in on an awesome joke. Either way, I love it.

I’m voting for the latter,


Old Poop!