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In 2013, we spent it together in Budapest.

In 2014, we spent the day with our friend Rebecca in Brussels.

Last year, we Valentine’d it up with Rebecca and her husband Harry in Istanbul.

And this year, we spent it in America. Chicago, to be exact.

Valentine's Day 2016 with KB and Emily!

Wonder where we’ll spend Valentine’s Day 2017,


Last February, after the Berlinale, KB and I took a side trip to Budapest with our good friend Emily. While there, we visited the House of Hungarian Wines, where this happened.

On this year’s post-Berlinale adventure, KB, Emily, and I were joined by our good friend Rebecca. The four of us decided to drive to Brussels for a quick three-night/four-day Belgian trip.

We hit up a ton of bars during our short stay, but there was one bar in particular that we really wanted to get into. We dubbed it “The Cool Kids Bar,” not because that’s what it was called, but because every time we’d try and go it would be packed with people who would just stare out the windows at us, as if to say, “Not for you, Americans. You are neither cool nor kids.”

But on our last night there we tried one last time… and found an open table!

We went in and toasted our first beers of the evening to the Cool Kids Bar.

The Cool Kids Bar in Brussels: Drink One.

By the second round, Emily was already getting bored with the conversation.

The Cool Kids Bar in Brussels: Drink Two.

By the third beer, KB was falling asleep at the table. I know, big shock.

The Cool Kids Bar in Brussels: Drink Three.

By beer number four, KB was down for the count, which encouraged some bribery and pranks between Emily and Rebecca.

The Cool Kids Bar in Brussels: Drink Four.

By our fifth beer, KB exploded from her sleep coma with fisticuffs!

The Cool Kids Bar in Brussels: Drink Five.

But by our sixth and final round, the girls were friends again.

The Cool Kids Bar in Brussels: Drink Six.

And then they made out.

I’m not sharing those photos,


PS: If you ever find yourself in Brussels, the bar is actually called Au Daringman.


Inside were these three addresses written on tiny scraps of paper.


Let the theories begin,


…but I’m slowly getting better.

Stolen glass from À la Mort Subite in Brussels.

On our most recent trip, I only stole this one glass from À la Mort Subite (French for “a sudden death”) in Brussels. Mort Subite is a spontaneous fermentation beer, sometimes better known as a lambic.

I didn’t order the drink (it was actually a framboise for KB), but figured it was a good glass to snag.

One step at a time,


Old Poop!