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This is why they drink.

Six months earlier,


Luckily, I have my calendar to remind me of how awesome it was!

October 2007: Quite possibly my best month ever?!?

Apparently, Sunday the 21st was extremely awkward


…and I’m pretty sure a majority of my activities on Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd were illegal in most states.

I'm wanted in 37 states.

Wednesday the 24th and Thursday the 25th involved a lot of crying and pooping…

Sorry, KB!

…and my week ended extremely busy on Friday the 26th with lots of reading and lunch with an American television star… after he went bat-shit insane.

The lesser of the Camerons.

Thanks to whichever one of my clever friends pulled this off seven years ago.

It was worth the wait,


Orrico's interesting June.

I always suspected they were creepier than they seemed,


Old Poop!