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Owner of the Cocula!

…of this restaurant.

Still funny,


…our good friends Erik and Robyn for this sweet pair of socks (which match her daddy’s sweet pair of socks)…

Matching socks from Erik and Robyn!

…and our good friend Dima for this Hot Wheels car (titled D-Muscle… get it?) that he designed.

Hot Wheels from Dima!

Grey loves presents… just like her father,


…it’s never the right spot.

I’m either too far up, too far back, too straight, too crooked, too… something.

So I’ve decided to park like this from now on.

How's this, Adam and Sophie?

This okay?

Pretty sure we’re gonna be asked to move out,


…you should know that this car belongs to The Count.

This car belongs to The Count! Whoever that is.

I know this because his name is written on the back,


Kylo Ren's Hot Wheels car designed by Dima!

…designed the new Kylo Ren Hot Wheels car for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released today as part of Force Friday.

Run out and pick one up! That is, if you can find one, because they’re getting a good amount of love.

Two in one day,


Seriously, go fuck yourself.

…but considering “Adam” put a fake phone number down on the note he left on the windshield of our car, he can go fuck himself.

Well played, jackass.

People are awful,


Yes, Batman drives a Toyota.

Those Tombstone royalty checks must have stopped,



Not sure we even would’ve noticed,


…actually, I hope she’s not.



…here’s some sweet revenge.

Thanks to Latta for sending it along.

Legalized extortion,


Old Poop!