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Seems rather blatant, doesn't it?

Totally signing up our niece and nephew,


Paper Boy Wine

…for a couple reasons.

First, because we’re suckers for labeling, and that character is pretty damn cute.

Second, it’s from Paso Robles, which is one of our favorite wine towns.

Lastly, and admittedly probably the most important factor, it has sweet packaging. The bottle is made out of compressed recycled cardboard, the label features natural inks, and when you crack the casing open you’ll find a fully recyclable plastic bladder inside.

Paper Boy Wine

Supposedly, it uses only 15% of the energy that an average glass bottle uses during production.

The wine’s okay, too. The longer you let it aerate, the better it tastes.

This is as close to a review as you’re gonna get,


Write a rambling “fuck you” on a stained piece of cardboard and then leave it on the sidewalk for everyone to see!*

Or, more accurately, just me.

Burger is by far the coolest name on that sign**,


*Danny, if you thought this was for you, it’s not. Unless, of course, you’re not his Danny… in which case it’s absolutely for you.

**Learn how to spell “there.”

Old Poop!