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You SURE this is for kids?

…but this one takes the cake.

I’m assuming that roughly translates to “guru of the butthole.”

Just a guess,


Mickey Mouse in "Croissant de Triomphe."

Disney just released a new Mickey Mouse short called Croissant de Triomphe.

Not only is the new cartoon super fun, but it looks amazing. And it’s all in French!

Check it out here.

Consider me impressed,


…but now in computer-generated 3D.

I still laugh out loud at those cartoons,


…has two roles in the new animated film “Alpha and Omega” which hits theaters this Friday.

Eric performs the voices of the characters Paddy (a goose) and Mooch (a wolf). Check out the trailer below; Mooch shows up around the 44-second mark, and Paddy delivers a line about repopulating around the 1:05 mark.

So if you have some rugrats and are looking for a film that the whole family can enjoy (or if you’re rugrat-less and are just a fan of animated movies) be sure to check it out.

King of cartoons,


…but I still love it.

The song is by Jorgen Schlachter,


The folks over at Pixar just released a new short from “Up” titled “George & A.J.” The cartoon follows the two Shady Oaks Retirement Community employees after Carl Fredricksen’s house takes off.

The cartoon isn’t done in the slick CG animation you’re used to seeing from Pixar, but it’s still a fun little short to sidetrack you from all of that boring work you should be doing.

It was written and directed by Pixar’s Josh Cooley.

Here you go:

Justin Shady Oaks,



…but there’s an embargo on reviews for a couple of weeks, so I can’t talk about the film itself.

What I can do is show you this picture:

"The Princess and The Frog"

Saw it on the Disney lot,


Old Poop!