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Exhibit Q!

…meet the newest addition to the Shady family: Exhibit Q!

He’s pretty awesome. And missing a chunk of his ear.

And then there were seven… again,


PS: For anyone interested in the significance of his name.

And expensive… and smelly,


I vant to suck your milk,


Hmmm… I have no idea.

I hope kids aren’t this needy,


We rescued our cat Meatshake from a local shelter shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2008. We first introduced her to the world here.

For those of you who don’t already know, Meatshake’s name is a nod to the Long Beach-bred hip-hop group Ugly Duckling, who featured a fictional fast food chain of the same name on their 2003 album Taste the Secret.

A few weeks ago, Ugly Duckling contacted me and asked if Meatshake would be interested in becoming their official mascot. Needless to say, Meatshake couldn’t be more honored or excited to contribute to the Ugly Duckling cause! They even put together the above image of Meatshake sporting the legendary gold dookie chain as she tears up the wheels of steel!

Meatshake made her debut as Ugly Duckling’s mascot yesterday. Check out the announcement on their site here. Meatshake will be making a few more appearances on the site as they near the October release of their new full-length, Moving at Breakneck Speed.

So stay tuned to “The Blarg” for more Ugly Duckling and Meatshake updates, and learn more about the fellas here.

It comes full circle,


…a lot like this:

Our pets are weirdos,


…for best decorated. Click on the image to view a larger version.

Not only is the cat two stories tall, and it straddles the sidewalk allowing people to walk underneath it, but its head also turns from side to side!

Holy crap!

They should have a Halloween-off with Jorge,


…for naming our cat Meatshake.

That’s still a pretty awesome name for a cat.

Hope you find him/her,


Looking for a new toy for your furry little family member? Why not pick up this catnip-filled toy that was inspired by the movie “The Human Centipede.”

Yep, that’s serious. Get your very own toy here.

ATM for pussies,


First, check out this holiday-themed commercial for Garmin:

Next up, here’s a great music video for ApSci’s (equally great) song “Crazy Crazy Insane”:

And lastly, watch this story about a cat who uses a fork and chopsticks:

December starts with a bang,


Old Poop!