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…I keep waiting for the Blair Witch to appear.






Rainbows aren’t her thing,


…just got real weird.

I took Grey and West to the park and found these on the ground:



...if you say so.

Not sure how effective they are, but they’re definitely entertaining.

Gonna have to look it up,


…someone in our neighborhood has decided to shine a light on these dark days by leaving positive, chalk-written messages on area sidewalks and exterior walls.

On it.

Working on it.

Verdict is still out on this one.

Of course, positive messages don’t fully make up for the fact that 60 million Americans knowingly and willingly voted a racist into the White House, but it’s a great reminder that not everyone in this country is completely insane.

Trying damn hard to see the glass half full,


Jessica Hische quote by Dangerdust.

…because they make some pretty cool shit.

Learn more about Dangerdust here and here.

Would love to meet those kids,


Old Poop!