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Or, at least for now, success-ish!

Mr. Fabulous’ eye procedure (technically called an “intravitreal injection” or “chemical ablation,” but realistically called a “sharp needle jabbed into the eye”) went off without a hitch this morning.

We dropped her off at 10AM, and by 1PM she was ready for pickup.

She’ll be wearing the Cone of Shame for the next three days, have to get eyedrops six times a day for the next week, and have to go back in for a checkup in two weeks, but for now we’re just happy the procedure is behind us and that she’s doing well.

Or at least as well as can be expected for a dog who’ll have a satellite dish wrapped around her head for the next 72 hours.


More updates as they come,


None of this has been easy.

This Tuesday, Mr. Fabulous will undergo an intravitreal injection (also known as a chemical ablation) for her glaucoma-riddled eye. Basically, this is an injection into the eye that halts the further production of fluids. This will essentially kill the eye and reduce the pressure, hopefully, allowing us to go entirely off her ridiculous 14-times-a-day eyedrops once and for all. Fingers crossed.

Also, unlike the other options, Fab won’t have to be fully put under during the procedure, which is a huge plus.

I’ll be sure to post a status update once the procedure is done, along with photos of Fab with a cone of shame on her head. At least that will be worth it.

Thanks to everyone for the interest, love, and support these past few months. It means a lot to us. And Mr. Fabulous.

It’s about goddamn time,


Old Poop!