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…next to a dumpster of a now abandoned school building behind our place.

From what I can tell, the album documents a 1995 school trip for a class of Chicago high school students who visited a farm and campground in Wisconsin.

Most of the photos are boring (a lot of kids standing around trying to look too cool for school), but a handful of them are amazing. I’ve decided to post these gems one at a time and caption them along the way.

Here’s the first one:

Denise and Brad have now been unhappily married for 19 years.

“Don’t take my picture, Brad!” slurred Denise, who was joyously drunk on a near-lethal mix of Jolt Cola, Cool Ranch Doritos, and Bubble Tape. But as she coyly turned away from him, Denise softly whispered to herself, “Take my picture, Bradley. Take it, process it, print it… and then fall in love with me forever.”

Six more to come,


…to catch Kevin Hart at the United Center on Saturday night.

Surprisingly, we landed third-row seats on the floor…

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…and a couple after-show party passes…

Definitely wasn't expecting that!

…with free food and booze! So we were, you know, pretty happy. Though you wouldn’t know it by the looks on our mugging faces.

Date night!

Thanks to John for making it all happen. (I know a few Johns, but the John I’m talking about knows who he is.)

Feeling spoiled,


…we all went to the March For Our Lives event in Union Park.

We made a bunch of signs the night before…

Grey's first protest (sign)!

West's first protest (sign)!

KB's sign (inspired by Chris Rock)!

Every. Day.


…and then froze our butts off at the rally. Grey wasn’t too happy about it… until a stranger gave her a donut. Donuts have a way of warming a kid up.

We’ll keep marching until change happens. (Or at least until the world runs out of donuts.) We encourage all of you to do the same.

Raising them to fight back,


Zombie Ethel is coming to get you, Barbara!

I might actually go to that church,


This required a quick Google search.

Kids these days,


You'd have to be THIS CRAZY to go to Hopleaf.

…right here.

It’s not that good,


Ollenburgs visit! With growling tiger toys for Grey!

That’s a long drive for lunch,


Cbus on a garbage can? Come on!

One can even features a music venue I’ve been to more than any other venue in the country: Newport Music Hall.

Newport Music Hall!

Amazingly, these garbage cans are making me feel nostalgic. Think I’ll have to visit Cbus again soon… which means these garbage cans are doing their job.

Columbus is no trash-can city,



Print wasn’t enough, so they put her up on their Instagram page!

That’s more likes than I ever got,


Not only will you get some awesome Dwellephant hand lettering on the cover…

"Chicago" magazine's July issue features Dwellephant hand lettering...

…but you’ll also be treated to a photo of Mr. Fabulous wearing sunglasses.

...and Mr. Fabulous.

Mr. Fabulous has been in print more than me,


Old Poop!