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…wrote and illustrated the new children’s book “Dracula is Afraid of the Dentist.” And guess what? It’s available now!

I had a chance to see the entire book already and, let me tell you, it’s amazing. Like books? Well, you’re in luck because it’s available in soft cover! Not so much into the whole physical copy thing? You’re still in luck because it’s also available as a digital download!

Learn more about the book here or, if my word is good enough for you, pick up your own copy here.

Big congrats to Jocco,



Let me count the ways,


…or they’re terrified of it. Not sure which.

Either way, order your copy here!

Entertaining/terrifying your kids this Thanksgiving,


I know I said over a month ago that our new children’s book, “I Beg Your Pardon: The Tale of a Jerky Turkey,” was available for purchase, but unfortunately we ran into some printing issues that delayed its release.

But no more! The book is OFFICIALLY and HONESTLY and FINALLY available!

You can order your copy here, and if you order before October 15th you can save 15% by using the coupon code “FALLREAD305” before checking out.

Sorry for all the confusion and delay. Beth and I have been fielding emails about these errors for the past month so it feels really good to finally be able to make it available to everyone.

Thanks for the support! Bethany, Marla and I hope you enjoy the book!

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Around this time last year, my sister Bethany and I were excited for the release of our new children’s book “I Beg Your Pardon: The Tale of a Jerky Turkey.”

Unfortunately, the publisher (who from here on out shall forever remain nameless) chose to pull the plug on the book… even though it was supposed to be already printed and shipped by the time it was canceled.

Can you sense the bitterness?

Anyway, the good news is that the book is finally available for purchase! Co-written by Bethany and me, and illustrated by our good friend Marla Campbell, “I Beg Your Pardon” tells the tale of a jerky turkey named Sage who comes beak-to-beak with his own mortality as Thanksgiving fast approaches.

I’m really proud of this book and glad it’s finally available. It was awesome to be able to tackle a project with both Bethany and Marla. Hopefully our love for and dedication to this book will be apparent.

The book is $14.00 through Lulu and you can order your copy here. We really wish we could have made the book cheaper (and hardcover; in order to make it as affordable as possible we had to settle on paperback), but we made it as cheap as Lulu would allow.

Here’s a preview of the first five pages (click each image for a larger version):

So pick up a copy if you can, and thanks for the continued support!

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“Matilda Turnip’s Endless Belly Button,” the children’s book written by my sister Bethany and illustrated by my good friend Joshua Peters, is finally available for purchase!

Click here to get your very own copy today!

If you pre-ordered the book through Amazon a few months back, those orders will not be filled due to the book changing publishers. You will not be charged for those orders. The book is now only available here.

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My sister and Josh Peters gave me permission to post a five-page preview of their upcoming children’s book, “Matilda Turnip’s Endless Belly Button,” here on “The Blarg.”

So… here you go! Click on each image to view a larger version.

Matilda Turnip's Endless Belly Button

Matilda Turnip's Endless Belly Button

Matilda Turnip's Endless Belly Button

Matilda Turnip's Endless Belly Button

Matilda Turnip's Endless Belly Button

Remember to join the book’s Facebook fan page here, and preorder your copy here on Amazon.

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My sister’s upcoming children’s book, “Matilda Turnip’s Endless Belly Button,” is now available for preorder on Amazon.

The book won’t be released until next spring, but you can place your order now to have it sent to you as soon as it’s available. (Your card won’t be charged until the book actually ships.) So click here to order your copy today!

I’ve seen most of this book already and I really couldn’t be more excited/proud.

Also, remember to join the book’s Facebook fan page to get ongoing updates. Click here to join!

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…but somehow it slipped my mind.

When Kathy and I were in Hawaii last month, we had an opportunity to accompany my sister Bethany, Jorge and Evie to the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra.

During one segment of the performance, Michael Emerson read the popular children’s book “The Story of Babar” while the orchestra, led by principal conductor Andreas Delfs, played a soundtrack in between page reads.

Let me tell you, folks, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen one of television’s most notorious villains read a classic children’s book in a faux French accent. Pretty frickin’ awesome.

After the performance, we had a chance to hang out backstage for a little bit.

Even more frickin’ awesome.

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"Matilda Turnip's Endless Belly Button" by Bethany James Leigh Shady and Joshua Peters

Coming early next year (February 2010, to be exact) is the tale of a girl named Matilda and her endless belly button.

Written by my kid sister Bethany, and illustrated by my old friend Josh Peters, “Matilda Turnip’s Endless Belly Button” tells the story of… actually, I’ll let my sister pitch it to you:

Matilda Turnip lives a boring, unloved life with her mother Orla in a tiny Irish town whose population is made up mostly of grazing sheep. But one day, she finds that her belly button is a magical portal that exciting items have begun emerging from! Each item takes her on a new adventure where she meets new friends, eventually arriving on an island where she is pleasantly surprised by someone from her past.

I’ll be posting more about the book (including a five-page preview) as the release date gets closer, but for now, Bethany and Josh have started up a Facebook fan page for the book. Click here to join the club and get ongoing updates about “Matilda Turnip’s Endless Belly Button.”

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