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But this time it wasn’t for our kids book–“The Lava is a Floor!”–but for his upcoming solo book, “P.T.A. Night.”

"P.T.A. Night"

His interview with the website ran in two parts. First, a straightforward interview that you can read here. And second, a step-by-step “making of”–full of character sketches and story outlines–that you can read here.

Be sure to pick up a copy of “P.T.A. Night” when it comes out later this year. You can even pre-order a copy from Amazon today by clicking here.

Also, be sure to check out Jeremy’s personal website here.

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Check it out here.

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Cover of "The Lava is a Floor!"

My newest children’s book, “The Lava Is A Floor!”, is out today!

Be sure to visit your local comic shop and pick up a copy! Or click here to order a copy from Amazon.

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