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So after having my eyes and ears molested by some of the worst movies to ever come out of Hollywood (look here and here to find out exactly what I’m talking about), last night I was able to bathe in the greatness of one the best movies ever made: “Wall-E.”

I had seen “Wall-E” twice in the theaters when it first came out in June (something I rarely do), and even bought it on DVD the day it came out in stores (something I NEVER do). But last night at the Arclight, “Variety” re-screened the film and followed it up with a Q&A with director Andrew Stanton.

“Wall-E” gives me hope that great movies with brilliant concepts and strong messages can and will continue to be made by studios, as well as be embraced by viewers.

I was able to squeeze a question into the Q&A, and asked Stanton what his thoughts were on how people are pushing for “Wall-E” to be considered for the “Best Picture” nomination.

He said that, oddly enough, he’s not really a fan of animation, and that when he sets out to make a movie he’s just trying to make it the best possible movie it can be. He said animation has no factor in it, and that he sees no division between a great animated movie and a great live-action movie. I couldn’t agree more.

When it was all over, and I never do this anymore because I kind of grew out of it over the years, but I went up and asked him to sign one of the posters they were handing out when we walked in.

Oh, man...

Oh, man...



He wrote "Justin!" That's me!





And he even drew a little Wall-E for me!

So thank you, Andrew Stanton, for getting my movie-going experiences back on track.

Of course, I’m seeing “Revolutionary Road” this weekend, so I might have to give you a call come Monday.

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