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Yummy Chicago coffee from Marla!

…for bringing us this yummy coffee goodness from Chicago!

Although… she drank most of it,


Colectivo's Blue Heeler from Erik and Robyn!

…because we get goodies like Colectivo Coffee when they get back!

Thanks, guys!



Panama's best coffee and rum? We'll see!

…this is the best coffee and rum in Panama.

I’ll be the judge of that,


…even your morning coffee from 7-Eleven has become partisan.

Where’s the Ron Paul cup,


…and now I can!

Thanks, Dad!

Now I just need a beer stein in the shape of my skull,


…(appropriately) Turkey Trot!

And another year of coffee comes to an end,


…Blue Heeler!

Thank goodness because my blood pressure was down… just kidding,


…Kenya AA Nyeri!

Just as our Anodyne from Jodi runs out,


…Mexico Kulaktik!

I was out,


…Costa Rica Campeón del Valle!

The last Cashio coffee,


Old Poop!