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Uh... yep.

Now, I’m sure this imagery is being used as a fear-mongering piece of propaganda bullshit, but still… it all seems very appropriate, doesn’t it?

Trump dies in a bunker,



I’m going. That’s all there is to it, I’m fucking going.

That makes it even cooler,


Ron Shady... one year and one month before he became a father.

I know this because he wrote it down on the back of the photo.


More than 30 years after this photo was taken, I came across it in an old family photo album and, for a brief second, seriously thought it was a photo of me.

You might be able to see it yourself, especially if you cover up his beard.

I guess he is my dad,


…but thankfully, KB and I got a seasonal beer membership as a wedding gift from our good friends Du and Joe!

Our first batch came today and included three bottles of each of these four brews:

Fordham Brewing Company (Dover, Delaware):

Helles Lager
Copperhead Ale

Boulder Beer Company (Boulder, Colorado):

Never Summer Ale
Planet Porter

Big thanks to Du and Joe! We can’t wait for our next shipment!

Beer is the new coffee,


I swear! I have an alibi!

Kermit is the bomb,


Old Poop!