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"Mute" written by Frank Cvetkovic.

…turn his new comic, Mute, into a printed reality!

Mute is a 48-page modern noir comic written by Frank, drawn by Michael Harris, and edited by Adam P. Knave. It tells the story of Adrian Kim, a deaf steel mill worker who finds himself on the run from a killer.

Ready for the hook? Because Adrian is deaf, the book is void of any spoken dialogue or sound effects. Pretty sweet idea. Wish I had thought of it. Maybe I’ll steal it… and add serial killers.

Anyway, learn more about how you can get involved here.

Patience is a virtue, Frank,


…who illustrated “The Roberts,” recently illustrated a new (and free) online comic called “Cured.”

Written by Sam Costello, “Cured” started back in September with its first page (I know, I’m an asshole for not doing this sooner); a new page was then added every Tuesday and Thursday for the next eight weeks. There are now nearly a dozen pages up for you to enjoy.

Click here to get “Cured.”

Looking forward to working together again,


Old Poop!