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…with their hilariously ridiculous commercials.

I think David Lynch directed that,


The Rosemary’s Baby of fast-food commercials,


…I posted this.

Earlier today, my sister sent me a link to this new Volkswagen commercial.

It’s nice to see Eduard Khil get a postmortem nod.

I also found this video on YouTube. As it turns out, Khil’s version was a cover of this original from the 1960s as sung by Russian singer Muslim Magomayev.

Good, but not nearly as amazing as the version I’ve grown to love.

We played that song at our wedding,


Wasps and wine!

Wish I could frame that,


If so, you should get treated by the graduates of American Career College.



…and I love it.

BOOM! Explosion,


I wish I could accurately spell out that fart noise,


…but I want to try the fuck out of this beer.

It probably tastes like piss,


…from those Stanley Steemer commercials.

This is like when your grandmother dies and you find out that she’s a piñata,


right here!

Because the 15-second version was only half as good,


Old Poop!